Program Duration: 3 Days
Negotiation is one of the key skills that leaders and managers need to create value and growth for their organizations. Understanding and knowledge of effective negotiation tools and techniques can make an immense difference in successfully running businesses and organizations around the world. Research studies have shown that executives who understand the negotiation process, tools, and techniques can create more value and growth opportunities for their teams and organizations.

This three-day program has been designed to learn professional negotiation tools and techniques, understand strategies on how to create win-win solutions, learn about the impact of culture and diversity, and attain successful outcomes during negotiation.

Key Topics
  • Foundation and key principles of successful negotiations
  • Creating and improving your BATNA - Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  • Leveraging key elements of ZOPA - Zone of possible agreement
  • Negotiating successfully in a multicultural and international environment
  • When is it a good time to make the first offer during negotiation? Should you even make the first offer?
  • How to negotiate with a more powerful and resourceful opponent?
  • Understanding the difference between interests and positions
  • Developing skills and techniques of a successful negotiator
  • Creating a win-win situation during the negotiation
  • Negotiating and leading successfully
  • Exhibiting leadership while negotiating
  • Conflict resolution across teams, organization, and cultures
  • Negotiating deals that are beneficial for the team and organization
  • Relationship between negotiation, leadership, and emotional intelligence
  • Communication, influence, and persuasion during the negotiation
  • Controlling emotions during a negotiation
  • Getting to "Yes" while negotiating deals
Key Benefits and Expected Outcomes
After attending this program, participants will be able to:
  • Learn how to negotiate successful deals around the world
  • Acquire knowledge on how to leverage and enhance your BATNA before getting into negotiations
  • Identify different negotiation options to close the best deals
  • Learn and apply effectively negotiation tools and techniques in professional as well as personal lives
  • Discover how to build partnerships and create sustainable outcomes for long-term benefits of your team and organization
  • Gain knowledge and understanding on how to negotiate during difficult situations
  • Learn how to create “win-win” solutions during a negotiation
  • Understand how to conduct international negotiations effectively in a diverse environment
  • Learn how to negotiate with colleagues, employees, clients, vendors, boards of directors, and other key stakeholders through effective techniques
  • Understand cultural and international aspects of negotiations
  • Learn how to negotiate in a multicultural and global environment
  • Network with CEOs, CFOs, CXOs, leaders, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and faculty from the world’s top business schools and universities
Key Benefits to Your Organization
  • Enhance employee decision-making, negotiation skills, leadership, performance, team productivity, innovation, and employee retention, which will lead to competitive advantage, strategic growth, and improved quality and performance for your organization.
  • Research studies have shown that human capital is the hardest element to replicate or imitate. Therefore, organizations that invest in employee learning and development create a sustainable and long-term competitive advantage that enhances creativity, team-work, efficiency, disruptive innovation, and growth.

Dr. Nelson Phillips
Abu Dhabi Chamber Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Associate Dean of External Relations at Imperial College Business School in London. Prior to joining Imperial, Professor Phillips was the Beckwith Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School from 2002 to 2005 and was an Associate Professor in the Strategy and Organisation Area at McGill University in Montreal, Canada from 1993 to 2002.
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Dr. Rizwan Amin Sheikh
An experienced and internationally recognized faculty and management consultant of leadership, strategy, change management, learning and development, human resource management, and entrepreneurship. He has been acknowledged globally as an innovative and dynamic leader, organizational development executive, management consultant, strategic thinker, executive trainer, thought leader, and entrepreneur with a proven track record of driving and meeting strategic targets.
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Target Audience for Program
  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Directors, General Managers, and Vice Presidents
  • Functional Heads, Business Unit Leaders, Head of Procurement, and Team Leaders
  • Managers, senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs with a minimum of five years of professional experience
  • Government officials and private sector executives that are involved in domestic and international negotiations
  • Anyone that is involved in a negotiation, including procurement specialists, supply chain managers, and contract specialists in the public and private sector
Teaching Methodology
  • Collaborative negotiation exercises and discussions
  • Group discussions
  • Interactive Classroom Sessions
  • Real-life case studies from Harvard Business School
  • Video-conferencing with faculty from the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, RMIT (Australia), and others
  • Harvard Business School and/or INSEAD Business School Simulation

The International School of Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE USA) has been established with a vision to impart high-quality executive education to the corporate and public sector. ISBE USA focuses on executive training programs, including leadership, team-building during a crisis, project management, negotiation, and other management courses. Our faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees from the world’s top universities and business schools, including Harvard, MIT, Oxford, University of Cambridge, and others. Learning and development is one of the core competencies of ISBE USA. We offer executive training and leadership development programs to equip the corporate and public sector employees for the new normal in a post Covid-19 environment. Our training and development activities and pedagogy include interactive discussions, team exercises, simulations and real-life case studies from Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, and other top universities. ISBE USA offers executive training courses in a virtual live (via Zoom), on-site, hybrid, and blended learning model. We offer executive education programs in major cities around the world, including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, New York, London, Paris, and Dubai.