Program Duration: 3 Days
In today’s dynamic business environment, managers and leaders must continue to evolve and adapt in order to meet the constantly changing business environment and the global marketplace. In such circumstances, executives seek valuable contributions by their teams to achieve the vision, mission, goals, and objectives. However, the person holding the reins need to act as more than an executive. He/she must exhibit high impact leadership skills to keep the team morale high, enhance motivation levels, foster collegiality, and become a catalyst for change.

This three-day program has been designed for professionals to enhance their leadership, team-building, motivation, negotiation, persuasion, and social networking skills. Participants will also learn about key leadership traits, behavior, and styles that are essential to becoming a transformational and high impact leader.

Key Topics
  • Foundation of transformational leadership
  • What makes a leader?
  • Leadership traits, styles, personality types, and MBTI
  • Why should anyone be led by you?
  • How can you lead and transform your department, team, and organization successfully
  • Mobilizing others through effective communication, coaching, team building, motivating others, and networking
  • Leading in a multicultural environment successfully
  • Vision, influence, and persuasion
  • Relationship between leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Developing an action plan for your personal development as a high impact and transformational leader in your organization and industry
  • Succession planning through the creation of a leadership pipeline
Key Benefits and Expected Outcomes
After attending this program, participants will be able to:
  • Understand critical factors of how to become a credible, transformational, and global leader
  • Learn how to communicate a vision, influence others, leverage persuasion techniques, manage difficult conversations, and lead change in an organization
  • Understand how to create and lead a high-performance team for growth and success
  • Learn what leaders really do
  • Grasp what it takes to be a transformational, motivational, and successful leader
  • Understand the role of change agents and social networking while leading a team or an organization
  • Learn how to negotiate and lead
  • Explore ways on how to continue to develop yourself as a leader in a constantly changing world and the digital economy
  • Examine your organization through the lens of disruptive innovation and digital transformation
  • Network with CEOs, CFOs, CXOs, leaders, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and faculty from the world’s top business schools and universities
Key Benefits to Your Organization
  • Enhance employee decision-making, leadership skills, performance, negotiation skills, innovation, productivity, and employee retention, which will lead to competitive advantage, strategic growth, and improved quality and performance for organizations.
  • Research studies have shown that human capital is the hardest element to replicate or imitate. Therefore, organizations that invest in employee learning and development create a sustainable and long-term competitive advantage that enhances creativity, team-work, efficiency, disruptive innovation, and growth.


Dr. Nelson Phillips
Professor Phillips' research interests lie in four main areas. First, he has become increasingly engaged in a program of research looking at a range of different but related issues in entrepreneurship. From a more practical perspective, he is interested in how to scale up new, high-growth ventures and in how scaling up social enterprises differs from scaling up more traditional companies. He is also interested in how new ventures “pivot” as this activity remains highly undertheorized. When studying entrepreneurship, Professor Phillips often uses ideas from organization theory to help him theorize and he has found this approach to be particularly fruitful.
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Dr. Rizwan Amin Sheikh
An experienced and internationally recognized faculty and management consultant of leadership, strategy, change management, learning and development, human resource management, and entrepreneurship. He has been acknowledged globally as an innovative and dynamic leader, organizational development executive, management consultant, strategic thinker, executive trainer, thought leader, and entrepreneur with a proven track record of driving and meeting strategic targets.
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Target Audience for Program
  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Directors, General Managers, and Vice Presidents
  • Functional Heads, Business Unit Leaders, and Team Leaders
  • Managers, senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs with a minimum of five years of professional experience
  • Anyone who inspires to be a transformational leader and make the world a better place
Teaching Methodology
  • Group discussions
  • Interactive Classroom Sessions
  • Real-life case studies from Harvard Business School
  • Role-play exercises
  • Video-conferencing with faculty from the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, RMIT (Australia), and others
  • Harvard Business School and/or INSEAD Business School Simulation

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